Political Science Undergraduate Program

Our political science undergraduate program offers a minor, major (BA), and BA/MA Pathway.

The undergraduate program examines political power in governments and among nations and in schools, workplaces, families, popular media, and daily life. Students become problem-solvers who understand the ways systems of power shape and can be shaped by individuals, movements, states, and other forces.

Our curriculum emphasizes strong written and oral communication, analytical reasoning, research, and deliberative decision-making. In addition to offering options for students to gain career-related experiences, such as through our community internship program, our department is committed to preparing students for careers in, but not limited to:

  • Government and Law - State legislators and staffers, electoral campaign managers, planners, foreign/social/civil service, diplomats, law/military officers, lobbyists, attorneys, public advocates
  • Nonprofits - Directors/managers, conflict resolution facilitators, PR officers, grants/fund developers
  • Business - CEOs, managers, human resource professionals, sales and marketing specialists
  • Journalism and Publishing - Editors, reporters, authors, circulation managers, broadcast journalists
  • Education and Research - Teachers (PreK to university), librarians, educational leaders