Richard Chadwick, Faculty, Department of Political Science, UH Mānoa

Richard W Chadwick

Professor Emeritus
Office: Saunders 616
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-7180

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UH Award Winner


In 1966, I earned my PhD at Northwestern in Political Science specializing in foreign policy decision making and simulation. I did post–doc research at Yale and ARPA work at Harvard's Center for International Affairs. Here at UH, I taught primarily in international relations and research methods in political science. I've done international research and consulting work on international trade modeling, arms race modeling, political instability, decision making, and Deming's management philosophy.


  • PhD, Political Science, Northwestern University, 1966
  • BS, Political Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1962

Past Courses

  • POLS 110: Introduction to Political Science
  • POLS 315: Global Politics/International Relations
  • POLS 322: American Foreign Policy
  • POLS 323: Model United Nations
  • POLS 382: Political Leadership
  • POLS 390: Political Inquiry and Analysis
  • POLS 401: Teaching Political Science
  • POLS 601: Political Analysis and Theory Building
  • POLS 602: Research Techniques and Analytic Methods
  • POLS 605: Topics in Methodology
  • POLS 630: International Relations
  • POLS 635 (Alpha): Topics in International Relations
  • POLS 651: Political Leadership
  • POLS 730: Seminar: International Relations


My research interests include global modeling, international politics, foreign policy decision making, research methods, and political leadership. General focus on global, and systemic trends in political-economic stability. I take various paradigmatic approaches — sometimes scientific, sometimes philosophical, and sometimes a practical or “social engineering” approach — to making a difference in how we understand, change, and sometimes transcend, in small ways, the political systems in which we live.