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E komo mai. The Department of Political Science at UH Mānoa focuses on the study of political power. A genuinely international department, our students and faculty are diverse, and embody UH’s mission to be a “globally-connected Hawaiian place of learning.” We stand out in the fields of alternative futures, comparative politics, Indigenous politics, international relations, law and policy, and political theory.

We offer small student-centered classes and help students become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators. Students learn to identify ways that political power shapes and is shaped by individuals, communities, social movements, corporations, nations, and other forces. Our curriculum promotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills demanded by professional employers. Our graduates enter a range of exciting careers, including but not limited to journalism, government, law, education/academia, and research.


Current Job Opportunity

Department of Political Science Faculty

Faculty, lecturers, graduate students, and educators: Are you interested in questions around disability and diversity?

Join us for a Faculty Roundtable:
Date: Monday, January 24, 2022
Time: 11:30am-12:45pm (HST)
Where: ONLINE | Zoom
Register in advance: https://t.co/zOPwVf2hJP

I'm on the search committee & happy to answer questions. Apply at: https://t.co/NjpqECEPsQ and search for position #0084130

**TT JOB** Univ of Hawai'i PoliSci Dept is hiring an Asst Prof in American Politics w/ a focus on racial justice & intersecting inequalities. Interdisciplinary scholars encouraged to apply! FEB 1st Deadline 1/2 #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter

Happy New Year and welcome back! We're excited to share our first colloquium this semester. With Helen Zia, a leading author and long-term activist in Asian-American and LGBTQ work. Jan 28, Friday at 12NN.

Register here: https://t.co/9vL3lyWFV3

E nā koʻokoʻo🗣 Please share with UHM students you think might be interested! This cohort will be taught by Professor Patricia Amaral Buskirk from the Communications Department.

Apply now: https://t.co/fOIsppZMJm

#nākoʻokoʻo #uhmānoa #alohaʻāina #ea #kūkiaʻimauna #eolakawai

Thank you @SavageEcology for joining us on Ep. 10! Jairus Grove discusses his book, and we chat about fugitive joy, martial ecologies, Eurocene, feral reason, and the university. Here’s a clip on apocalypse and geopolitics. Link in bio for full episode. https://t.co/Nd2sRXic08

Join us this Friday, December 10th at 2:30PM HST for this semester's culminating experience! With Garrett Thompson on “Converging Conspiracies: The Rise of the Alt-Right, Qanon and the Domestic Terrorism in the US”.

Zoom link: https://t.co/1miMzQladg

See you there!

Join us for Dr. Amir Kamel's talk this Thurs, 12/9 @ 1pm on the 'stability-through-economics' relationship bet. US & Egyptian affairs during M. Hosni Mubarak's presidency in Egypt. Hosted by the Political Science Colloquium Committee.

Zoom link here: https://t.co/ko05vsS1tu

Check out this latest issue of Journal of Environmental Media featuring the amazing works of our PhD students on environmental justice, militarization, indigenous politics and storytelling, and decolonial futures.

All articles are access-free!

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