International Relations

As a departmental specialization, we offer students an opportunity to study various approaches to international politics and develop specialized knowledge around historical and contemporary problems concerning: war and peace, technology, diplomacy, foreign policy, international organization, migration, religion, environment, and security. Specialization faculty offer field-specific and interdisciplinary instruction on these issues, drawing on research in gender and sexuality studies, postcolonial and decolonial theory, science and technology studies, peace and conflict studies, and other fields to address the complexity of global challenges today.

Core Faculty

Related Courses

  • POLS 120: Introduction to World Politics
  • POLS 150: Introduction to Global Politics
  • POLS 160: Introduction to International and Global Studies
  • POLS 201: Problems of War and Peace
  • POLS 315: Global Politics/International Relations
  • POLS 316: International Relations
  • POLS 321: International Migration
  • POLS 322: American Foreign Policy
  • POLS 324: Global Environmental Politics
  • POLS 333: Advanced Topics in Global Politics
  • POLS 630: International Relations
  • POLS 633: International Conflict Resolution
  • POLS 634: Teaching Model United Nations
  • POLS 635 (Alpha): Topics in International Relations
  • POLS 730: Seminar: International Relations