Political Theory

As a departmental specialization, our offerings in political theory feature philosophical, literary, historical, and critical approaches. Drawing from diverse disciplines, including literature, geography, architecture, physics, history, film, philosophy, and law, to interpret and challenge the conventions that sustain the political world, we deploy perspectives from feminist, queer, indigenous, and critical race theory, among others.

Core Faculty

Related Courses

  • POLS 190: Media and Politics
  • POLS 200: Reading and Writing Politics
  • POLS 335A: History of Political Thought
  • POLS 337: American Political Theory
  • POLS 338 (Alpha): Topics in Political Theory
  • POLS 339: Feminist Theory
  • POLS 341: The Politics of Media
  • POLS 343: The Politics of Film
  • POLS 366: Advanced Topics in Theory, Media, and Method
  • POLS 601: Political Analysis and Theory Building
  • POLS 610: Political Theory and Analysis
  • POLS 611: Tradition of Political Philosophy
  • POLS 615 (Alpha): Topics in Political Thought
  • POLS 710: Seminar: Political Thought