Bachelors to Masters (BAM) Degree Pathway

The Department of Political Science offers a combined Bachelors to Masters Degree (BAM) Pathway for highly motivated undergraduate majors who wish to complete both degrees in five years. This is done by double-counting graduate course work (up to 3 courses) at the undergraduate tuition rate.

BAM Timeline

Year One

  • Complete undergraduate courses in POLS
  • Complete the prerequisite 100 level class in the first semester
  • Complete one 300+ core course in the second semester

Year Two

  • Complete two more core courses
  • The gateway class (POLS 390: Political Inquiry and Analysis) must be passed with B+ or better

Year Three

  • Complete the final core course
  • Complete elective requirements
  • Apply to MA program (January deadline)
  • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0

Year Four

  • Complete BA and begin graduate courses (at undergraduate tuition)
  • Complete POLS Caption (400+)
  • Begin graduate course work with POLS 600: Scope and Methods of Political Science
  • Complete additional nine credits of graduate courses (at undergraduate tuition rates)
    • POLS 610 Political Theory and Analysis or POLS 620 Introduction to Indigenous Politics
    • POLS 630 International Relations or POLS 640 Comparative Politics
    • POLS 660 Law and Politics or POLS 680 Asian and/or Pacific Politics
  • BA degree conferred

Year Five

  • Complete graduate course work (at graduate tuition rates)
  • Complete two POLS 600+ electives
  • Complete one POLS 700+ elective
  • Complete remaining three POLS 600+ electives or equivalent 600+ courses in other departments
  • MA degree conferred

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