To include the Department of Political Science in estate planning or to discuss other ways to give, please contact:

Karla Zarate-Ramirez
Associate Vice President, Major Gifts
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-2906
Email: Karla.Zarate-Ramirez@uhfoundation.org

Give a Gift to the Department of Political Science

The Political Science Department Fund is used to sponsor activities such as colloquia and educational/programming events. Contributions also support special funds designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students in their quest for knowledge. Contributions of any size are sincerely appreciated.

Additional Funds

  • Jorge Fernandes Memorial Fellowship and Award. This award was created in honor of its namesake, a beloved graduate student, and a talented scholar. Awarded irregularly to an exceptionally promising graduate student to support the completion of their dissertation.
  • Harry Friedman Memorial Award. This fund was established by family, friends, and colleagues of the late Harry Friedman, former professor, and department chair. Awarded to a graduate program student for academic merit demonstrated by a research paper in the subfield of Comparative Politics.
  • Thomas Hale Hamilton Memorial Award. This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate in their senior year. Students must show outstanding scholarship and performance in politically significant areas and have completed at least two political theory courses.
  • Norman Meller Award. This fund was created in honor of Professor Emeritus Norman Meller, the Department's expert in Pacific Island Studies. Awarded for meritorious academic achievement, especially for progress in the PhD program.
  • Glendon Schubert and James Neal Schubert Political Science Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship was created in honor of the Department's most creative and influential political scientist of the mid–20th century and is awarded to a graduate student specializing in public law, law and society, or biopolitics.