Internship and Scholarship Opportunities

The department offers a variety of options for students to supplement and support their undergraduate studies.


The department strongly encourages students to participate in one or more internship programs during their undergraduate studies. Select opportunities include:

  • Community Internships (POLS 403) - The Community Internship gives students an opportunity for exposure to social groups and activities that go far beyond their current daily experience. Interns will do novel things like manage problems and projects, and apply skills that they have learned in their undergraduate program.
  • Mānoa Political Internships  - Dynamic, capable, and ambitious UH Mānoa students can choose between five political internships that complement their academic and professional goals. These internships offer a rare opportunity to work at the top levels of government. Through meaningful hands-on work experiences, combined with an enriching academic program, students will gain an up-close view of state and federal government and gain skills to advance careers in various fields.

Departmental Scholarship

The Thomas H. Hamilton Scholarship - This scholarship awards $600 to an officially declared Political Science major and a graduating senior with the following attributes: 

  • Outstanding scholarship (top 25% of all final semester Political Science majors)
  • Exceptional performance in areas of political significance such as writing, speaking, campus or community services
  • Completion of at least two political theory courses (POLS 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, or 366)

Interested students should locate this scholarship on UH Manoa STAR Scholarships, and thoughtfully prepare responses to the required application questions before submission.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

The department strongly encourages students to seek financial assistance for their undergraduate studies.

Internships and Scholarships